Field in registration form for contributions

Hi there,

I am searching for a field in the registration form for every contribution or session I placed in the timetable.
It should be possible that a registrant only register for one/ two contribution and not all.

thanks in advance,
best regards, Ina

Hi, such a field does not exist…

Ok. But how will I manage a registration for different workshops? For example, there are three workshops at the same time and the registrants should decide which he will attend.

After the registration he should see only his personal timetable and gets only the material for the registered workshops.


You could just create a field and add them manually as options. With just 3 workshops the overhead of manually adding them seems pretty acceptable.

The reason why we did not keep a field to select sessions (legacy indico had it, never for contributions though) is because it was a huge mess when someone added/removed sessions later after there were already registrations.