Feature Request - Users can delete their reistration by theirself


a user request a feature:

registrated event user can delete their registration by theirself over the link / menü of their registration details.
At the moment the event creator or registration manager have to do it manually.

Best regards

Deleting it? I don’t think that would be a good idea.

But we do want to allow people to withdraw their registration (we even have a state for this in the database schema), which would then properly update the state in the list of registrants, notify the managers, etc. (and of course the manager could fully delete withdrawn registrations, after taking care of refunds etc if necessary)


As far I’m understanding the GDPR requirements a user has the right to remove their data. Are you sure the tool support GDPR as expected?

I really don’t have an opinion. Just asking.

Sure, they can send you a GDPR request to have their data deleted. You will most likely need to comply with that when asked to. Chances are good, people won’t do that unless they want to be malicious and cause trouble for you.

But there is a huge difference between giving people a button “delete my registration” instead of just “withdraw my registration” (if the organizer even wants to allow this without having the user contact them) - and since we plan to support automated deletion of sensitive registration data after a while, such a withdrawn registration would be sanitized at this point just like any other registration.


Tools don’t comply with the GDPR, people do. Yes, there are improvements in the pipeline which will make it easier to comply with GDPR requests and to automate the removal of personal data which is tagged as such. Still, even when those are implemented, it will be your responsibility as owner of a service to ensure that applicable law is being respected in your jurisdiction, whichever it is.