Extract visitors UUID

Hello all,

I have a project for authentificated visitor in acces control software with QR Code indico.

For this I need to create a middleware who take all visitors in Indico with UUID (in QR Code), full name, date for start and end meeting and injecting this credentiels in access control software.

But maybe I wrong but I don’t see a events in API “visitor created” who give all this credentials. Or I can’t extract all new visitors with a specific start date.

Do you think there is a simple solution for this ?

Hi, there’s no official API to get all the registrants with all their data.

However, you can have a look at the internal API that’s used e.g. by our mobile check-in app which returns registrations and some details about them (including a unique ID).

  • /api/events/<int:event_id>/registrants/<int:registrant_id> (GET + PATCH which can only modify the checked_in flag)
  • /api/events/<int:event_id>/registrants (GET)

To authenticate, create a Personal Access Token with the “Event registrants” scope.

In case I misunderstand your question and you need to include custom data in the QR codes generated by Indico itself, you would need to write a plugin since plugins are able to extend the data that’s put inside the QR code by default.

Hi ThiefMaster,

Thank for your reply.

Yes I think the best way to do that maybe is to create a plugin in Indico. This plugin is plug with email sending to visitor event for take id, full name and dates for sending this in Control Access System.

But for this I need to find someone for coding, installing in WHO Indico.