Exporting / Importing Users


Is there a standard process to Export / Import Users from one instance of Indico (i.e. Test) to another one (i.e. UAT)?

Is it just a case of copying the User schema, or isn’t it that easy?

Probably best to avoid doing it, especially since users are created when they login anyway. I think copying the data in the users schema would work, but I don’t think anyone ever tried it…

OK - Thanks mate. Just that we have set up a group in Test and didn’t want to lose members to that group, so thought we could perhaps transfer them on-bloc so to speak, but if you advise against it…

Depending on the complexity of your problem, and if you are going to consider a centrail user directory with LDAP anyway, you could relatively easily export existing users to LDAP and then use LDAP for authentication of the new Indico instance.