Event weekly-view off by a day after upgrade to v3

After the upgrade from v2 to v3.2.9 the dates in all the events are correct, but on this weekly view, they show up on the wrong day (the day before). It’s is as if the weekly view is starting with Sunday as Day 1 instead of Monday or otherwise. Is there a setting for this that I can configure?

Thank you,
Gary Holman
University of Washington

Is the category using a different timezone by any chance? This view is category-related so it uses the category timezone.

It doesn’t seem to be related to the timezone of the category (which is UTC). This bug occurs if the timezone is chosen to be “Use the event/category timezone” and the period is “weekly”. If I select any different timezone, even the same as the category, then the days of the week become correct. Oddly, the “month” view is correct even if the “Use the event/category timezone” option is chosen.