Event Survey (preprogrammed)

Hi Team,
I programmed a survey on following event (https://indico.gymel.ch/event/15/).
Received following email:

The survey “Enquête de satisfaction sur l’organisation de cette séance” on the event “Séance moniteurs-trices printemps du 06.06.2018” is now open.

You may answer the survey by clicking the link below:

Indico :: Surveys

When “clicking on the link”, it says page not found.
The event is protected, and asking for userid and pswd.
What could be the issue ?
Many thanks.

Hi, the link works fine for me (I’m redirected to the login page as expected).

If you get “not found”, please check what URL you have in the address bar.

Thank you. Correct it redirected to login page. But when member (i.e. me) looged in successfully, I get the issue.
What do you mean by the URL, the event reference seem to be okay.

I mean the address in your browser’s address bar when you get “not found”.

If I sent private link, the copy past is the following:
and that works.

I re-submitted the survey and got the following URL:

And that works !

Would the latest upgrade have affected ?
The meeting was planned for a month for today. In between I upgraded indico to latest.
kind regards,

No, the update shouldn’t have affected this.

Was your previous survey set to private (invite only)? I that’s the case, was the ?token=... part lost after logging in? That’s the only reason I could imagine why the link would break.