Event on plugin settings change

Our payment process is a two step process and requires the event to be registered for the payment service. Indico 2 had payment_event_settings_changed for this case, but it seems to be gone in Indico 3 and I can’t find a suitable replacement. Has anyone got an idea?

There’s no method or signal that informs you when a specific payment method is enabled for an event.
I can’t find payment_event_settings_changed in the v2 code either.

So currently you are out of luck, there’s no non-hacky way of running custom code when the payment method is enabled/disabled.

Feel free to contribute code (via a github pull request) though that calls a new method (defined in PaymentPluginMixin on the plugin class) in RHPaymentPluginEdit when the plugin gets enabled or disabled.

Thanks for the quick reply and the info. It seems our last maintainer did also include some changes to the Indico code. :neutral_face:

Feel free to contribute code

I might just do that.

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