Event keywords in the export API

I was wondering if it would be possible to include the event’s keywords in the JSON export.

That would be quite useful for my use case.

Sounds reasonable. Wanna sent a Pull Request? Since it’s super simple this would make it into 2.3 (and in case you are using CERN Indico production in a few days).

I think the place to put it is _build_event_api_data in CategoryEventFetcher. We already have it for contributions (in _serialize_contribution), not sure why it’s not included for events…

Thanks for your quick reply.

I would indeed love to have it in a few days :wink:

The issue has been opened: https://github.com/indico/indico/issues/4598 .

I have almost no clue how Indico works internally. I can give it a try tomorrow, could you give me a few more pointers to get started ?

If you know Python it should be easy using the information from my previous post. Basically, search for the file containing _build_event_api_data, and include the keywords in the data dict it creates there like it’s done for the contribution keywords in _serialize_contribution (same file).