Event images have gone off suddenly

I have rerun services and indico db upgrade again but the images corresponding to each event isn’t loading. I have /opt/indico/archive folder there alright. Kindly assist

Do you have a link to a broken image? If you open it directly you may get a more meaningful error.

You need to add ROUTE_OLD_URLS = True to your config file so links from the Indico 1.x era still work.

Note: This is a setting that should stay enabled forever on an instance that has migrated from v1 at some point.

Sorted! Appreciated with thanks

But having issues with PDFs https://indico.wacren.net/event/59/contributions/407/attachments/301/338/201803_eduroam-RPS_WACREN-Conference.pdf

Besides being incredibly slow (150kbps :snail:) it works fine for me.

lol. Thanks. Will have to figure it out why the slowness