Estimated release dates for 2.3/3.0

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We make use of Indico for our events management system. We are currently using the 2.1.11 release and I would like to update the Indico dependency to a more recent version. We have two payment plugins that need to be updated too.

Based on the GitHub project page it looks like 2.3 release is nearing completion. Are you able to provide me with a rough estimate (e.g. in one month or within 2/3 months) of when you expect the release to happen? Do you anticipate any major code changes being made between now and the 2.3 release?

Would it be better to wait for version 3.0?

Additionally, thank you kindly for your continued development of this fantastic product.

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Updating to 2.2 now should be very straightforward and only require minimal effort. So I would recommend to do this ASAP.

Once that’s done, I would wait for a proper 2.3 release. We plan to deploy 2.3 at CERN soon, and since is pretty much the biggest Indico instance out there, this usually helps in finding any remaining issues we did not spot ourselves.

Feel free to start development based on master already. Especially for plugins there shouldn’t be any more changes before a 2.3 release that will affect them (at least there’s nothing planned or that I could think of right now).

I think a reasonable date for a “public” 2.3 release could be late August.

3.0 will be a major release that requires infrastructure changes (Python 3.8/3.9, likely a more recent Postgres version as well even though we don’t plan to break compatibility with 9.6 there, it’s just that we won’t test with it anymore once we switch to Postgres 11 or 12). So I would stay up to date with everything for now and then, once 3.0 is out (later this year I hope - it’s a release focusing mostly on technical/backend changes so it should take much less time than 2.3) you can take your time to update from the latest 2.3.x to 3.0 when it suits you.

Thank you kindly. We will start the upgrade process.

Hello I am going to deploy a new production instance of Indico in two weeks. Will Indico 2.3 release soon? so that I can start fresh with version 2.3. Or, if I deploy with version 2.2 will it be easy to migrate to version 2.3?

We’re running 2.3 on the main CERN instance and it’s pretty stable there. Besides some docs, there is one thing that’s still missing/WIP (editing workflow microservice integration) in 2.3 but since this is something very few people need and something we could easily ship later in 2.3.x.

I actually started a discussion in the team earlier today whether we shouldn’t go ahead with a 2.3 release much sooner. If we end up going for this option then I think it would be pretty likely that we release 2.3 within the next two weeks!

we have a plan to update Indico production instance during this month. is the Indico 2.3 release soon?

next Monday (or maybe earlier since everything’s ready anyway, but today’s a holiday here and i have tomorrow off so i probably should not do work related stuff like making a release :D)

Great, thanks for your efforts

There we go :slight_smile:

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Would you have any update on the 3.0 release date? I want to set up a replacement system using Ubuntu 20 LTS. Does it make sense to start with 2.3.2 with the aforementioned tweaks or would you suggest waiting a little longer?

Not yet unfortunately. We also haven’t decided yet on what steps we recommend people to upgrade from 2.3 to 3.0. However, I’m pretty sure that we will require the latest LTS in case of Ubuntu so if you manage to get Python 2.7 with uwsgi to run there this is probably the best option for now.

Once 3.0 becomes ready, we’ll probably publish a guide how to properly upgrade an existing system. This will most likely involve using pyenv to install Python 3.9, since not all major distributions include this natively, and doing so allows us to stick with up to date Python versions instead of being stuck with a particular version for many years).