Error while installing the latest indico

We are trying to install latest indico version according to the steps described in but at step 10.create an indico user we got an error we are attaching the screenshot.

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it is hard to tell what could go wrong here. This “error” comes from Firefox itself which couldn’t connect to the server at Are you sure that:

  1. the apache server works correctly and accepts connections on proper ports?
  2. the domain you specified resolves to the correct IP address?


I think the problem here is that the domain doesn’t resolve to a proper IP address. Making a DNS query against your domain doesn’t return any IP address.

Thanks for your help we are able to access it.

When we try to access we unable to get proper web page output as shown in following image.What should we do to get proper webpage output.

That looks to me like a misconfiguration in your server setup. Did you check the developer tools console for any errors? Probably there are a lot of missing static files.