Error Rescheduling Survey

Hi Thiefmaster,
When the survey is is state “active and answered”, trying to reschedule it will generate error
in process_formdata (
if not valuelist[1]:
IndexError: list index out of range"IndexError: list index out of range".

The error is due to “datetime_widget.html” which returns wrongly the time part of “start_dt” field when the whole field (start date time) is disabled,
which causes error in IndicoDateTimeField process_formdata() because the method expects to receive always 2 parts of the date time object: date part + time part.

I would suggest to prevent the “datetime_widget.html” to return any part of a disabled field.

Check if you have that commit in your version…

Ok, we are still in 2.2, that’s why…
Will move soon to 2.3.