Error after upgrading to 3.3

After upgrading Python and the installation of Indico 3.3 the command indico db upgrade fails with the following error - ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘ldap’
No errors until the previous install commands.

I’ve double checked the python version and also restarted the server.

Any advice on this error?
Please ask if any further information is needed.

Thanks in andvance!

pip install python-ldap

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Thank you, i had also to install pango in the right version and my custom plugins. Would be nice to mention this in the upgrade guide.

Thank you very much for your very quick response,

Indeed, at least pango should go there - currently we only mention it in the setup guide…

For ldap I’m unsure since this only applies to specific configs and we do mention during the indico setup upgrade-python step that extra packages need to be reinstalled after the Python version update…

Maybe we can add a list of libraries that get automatically reinstalled when they’re installed in the old environment (similar to what we already do with uwsgi)… Wouldn’t help for 3.x to 3.3 though since that command is coming from the previous verison, but it’d help once we switch to more modern Python version again in the future.