Enabling uwsgi.service and indico-celery.service after reboot

Our indico server comes up without the uwsgi and indico-celery services.

There is no problem starting them manually, but it would be nice if they would be started on system boot.

httpd and mariadb services are started via systemd in:

Is there any problem in enabling uwsgi and indico-celery services in systemd, as in:
systemctl enable uwsgi.service
systemctl enable indico-celery.service

I looked through the Indico Installation Guide, and the guide does not address this.

First of all, Indico does not use MySQL/MariaDB, so unless your server runs more than just Indico (usually not recommended, especially if you use VMs) you should not have that running there at all.

Then, the answer is yes - you should absolutely enable those services in systemd. This is actually mentioned in the installation guide.

Thanks ThiefMaster.

I enabled uwsgi.service and indico-celery.service and the services come up fine on the reboot.

I did miss it in the installation instructions.

Thank you again.