Enabling Automatic Notifications for Successful Paper Uploads(submission)?

Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone is doing well.

I’ve observed that when a full paper is uploaded (or submitted), there’s currently no automatic notification sent out to inform the submitter and the authors about the successful upload of the paper. Has anyone thought about enabling this feature?

If anyone has experience or insights regarding the implementation of such a feature, or if there are existing tools or plugins that support this, please share your thoughts. I believe it would benefit many of us in the community.

Thank you in advance for your feedback and suggestions!

Hi there, If anyone could provide some insight, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!"

IIRC we currently only notify reviewers and judges about new submissions (if configured). I don’t know if there are any plugins for this already, but if you want to write this yourself, I suggest having a look at how we implement notifications for reviewers and judges. You could probably extend it to include authors as well.