Enable Indico 2.* search function

I want to enable Indico 2.0/2.2 search function.
I have installed all indico plugins, include: importer_invenio, livesync and search etc.

Does Indico integrate with Invenio(use Invenio search engine) to realize search function by importer_invenio and livesync plugins?

Does search plugin also realize search function ?

Which plugins/method should I use to realize Indico search function ?

I appreciate any help.

Hi, unfortunately there is no working search integration for Indico 2.x at the moment that does not rely on proprietary infrastructure (cernsearch). The old (search/livesync)_invenio are unmaintained and - at least in case of the search plugin - known to be broken.

We have planned something new for Indico 3.0 later this year though.