Embedded links to another page in registration form


Is it possible to add a hyperlink to an email or web page within a section on the registration form?? I cannot see an option to do this?

All I can seem to do is this, whereas I would like an embedded link to a privacy policy page



Hi there,

Unfortunately, not yet:

OK - Thanks - Thought I would ask - we can get around it at the moment .

Hi there,

not yet? When will the time come for functional links in a registration form?
Or is it already possible somehow?

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Hi there,
another year has passed, and the ability to include hyperlinks in registration forms is ever so useful, especially in the context of GDPR this functionality appears nearly neccessary.

Is there any progress on this subject?


It will be possible in Indico 3.2 (currently under development).

Thanks ThiefMaster, that’s good to know. How far is version 3.2 in the future? Current stable is 3.0.3 so it seem a bit away? I am just asking as I am organising a Workshop for June 2022, and it need to be GDPR compliant (registration, publication of contributions etc…)

3.1 is stable and ready, we just didn’t want to make a public release right before the CERN xmas break (which ends later this week).

I hope that we can finish 3.2 in Q1’22, so I’d say it should most likely be fine by June.

PS: What do you mean with “publication of contributions”?

Q1’22 sound great. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

With “publication of contributions” I mean that I want Indico to make the contribtion material (slides in PPTX or PDF) permanently available for download, as long as the Contributor agrees. While I agree that this is the “usual procedure”, GDPR mandates to ask for individual agreement to that, and to have the ability to withdraw that ability at any point in the future.

I am no expert in GDPR in any way, but I understand that’s been EU law for a few years now…

Consent is usually not appropriate for this, because as you realized it can be withdrawn at any time.

You probably need to claim “legitimate interest” for this. IANAL (so better ask an actual lawyer with knowledge in privacy topics!), but I guess if you organize a workshop, conference, etc. you actually have a legitimate interest to publish slides and similar material e.g. as part of the proceedings.