Email not being sent through configured SMTP server


I am using a fresh install of indico, used the indico setup script which checks the SMTP configuration when entered, I have verified the configuration file and after that indico is still sending email through localhost instead of the SMTP_SERVER configured server.

I discovered that because messages were queued locally on exim4 instead of being sent out directly.

My version of indico is the latest 3.2.3.

Did you reload uwsgi and celery after changing the config?

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Yes… and I am talking about a fresh install, not changing the config but original config.

And when trying to change the config, even if I put a bad SMTP server (and do touch indico.conf) it just ignores it and uses localhost anyway without throwing any error.

OK… Tried restarting everything, and now seems to work.
It seems that touching the config does not reinitiate all configuration.

Yes, in a production setup the config file is not monitored for changes. An explicit restart is needed.