Email failing due to from address not being verified in Amazon SES

I have seen similar issues described in other posts, but they don’t seem completely there. Apologies if this appears to be a duplicate post.

I setup my Indico instance to use Amazon SES for email sending. New accounts are being created and everything was fine until a user running an event reported that emails sent to authors from the Contributions page were not being delivered. Checking the logs, indeed there are failed emails with the following message:

(554, b'Message rejected: Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region AP-blahblah: personalemailaddress

From what I can tell, Indico appears to be trying to send email through Amazon SES but is giving SES a spoofed email address to use (my personal address instead of the actual address for the SES account). The other posts on similar topics suggest this is intentional, but seeing as I cannot get those emails to go out, I can only conclude that I’ve messed up somewhere and really don’t know where (please help).

I have set NO_REPLY_EMAIL, SMTP_ALLOWED_SENDERS, and SMTP_SENDER_FALLBACK in my indico.conf but all to no effect. Indico is still trying to send as <organiser email address>. How can I get Indico to either send from the noreply address using organiser addresses in the reply-to field or some other how, get it to work?

Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers!


How do you all get Indico to send emails out? Really stuck here, what am I missing?

Typically you have a local sendmail/postfix that has a suitable upstream mail server as smarthost.

Thanks. So if I understand correctly, I setup postfix (or sendmail) as “Internet site with smarthost” and have the relayhost pointing to my Amazon SES.

How should Indico then be configured to make use of that setup given that the options in Indico seem to want to talk with Amazon SES directly.

Apologies but configuring mail servers isn’t exactly my strong point.

In indico you then configure localhost (or your sendmail host if different) as mail server.

OK, so with Amazon SES refusing to send email unless it has a specific from address (I didn’t set that up BTW). Here’s how I have “solved” the problem I was having for now.

First, I installed Postfix on my Indico server. Then I configured the postfix server to 1) use the Amazon SES server for sending and 2) Replace the “From:” header with one using the address that Amazon SES likes.

Second, (and this was the easy part) I removed the SMTP configuration from indico.cnf. Indico then defaulted to using localhost and so it just magically found the Postfix server running.

I would like to perhaps set it to change the “From” addresses it receives from Indico to “Reply-to” headers before replacing the “from” with my noreply email address, but that will have to wait until a time when time is more available.

Hope this helps if anyone has been experiencing similar issues.