Docker Container not running after Docker-Update

Dear all,

i had a running indico instance on docker for testing purpose.
Used it while developing our payment plugin.

Now after Docker updated to the latest version, the indico-container is broken.

I get error messages like this:

File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/", line 40, in __getitem__
indico-containers-indico-web-1       |     raise KeyError(key)
indico-containers-indico-web-1       | KeyError: u'REDIS_CACHE_URL'


--- no python application found, check your startup logs for errors ---

Any help or hints on this?
Would be very appreciated.

kind regards,

TBH with that little context it’s close to impossible to consider anything.

However, i see it’s python 2 and thus probably indico 2.x - so you may want to consider upgrading everything to indico 3 first…

Thanks for your reply.

I`ve used the indico-container vom Github and just added our payment plugin.
Would also be okay, if there would be an easy way to get an updated container version to start from scratch. But I’m not the best at setting up docker containers.

Do you have any advice for me how to get started?


Found the solution by myself.

The new Docker-Compose V2 brings the problem.
After disabling it, everything runs fine again.