Discount Code for Payment


is there any plan to add discount code up to 100% if you activate the payment module (price should be reduced before the payment methodes)?

Sounds like a useful idea and I think it’d be something that could be contributed to Indico as a pull request.

But it would have to be on the regform level, not the event level (ie not in the payment settings but rather the regform settings) since one might not want it for all regforms.

Easiest way of configuring it would probably be a MultipleItemsField with “code” and “amount” (being either something like 10 for a flat discount or 50%, 100%, etc. for a percentage) – this is pretty easy to implement and could simply be stored in a new JSON column on the RegistrationForm.

The Registration would need a new column as well (also JSON) to store the used discount code(s) and the applied change (since a modification of the amount associated with a code probably shouldn’t change existing registrations).


Let’s have a look at those.