Disabling notifications for registrants?

I would like to ask If do you think about the possibility of disabling the email notifications to registrants on the regform settings.

The idea is to have an option to enable or disable the messages that are automatically sent by the system when the status of the registrants changes.

It is a feature that we have at UN side and I think it could be a nice idea to contribute it upstream.

Just wondering… what’s the use case for that? Do you notify people with more personalized messages instead? Is this something you’d add as a general setting (so for the whole registration form) or individually when performing an action on a registration (the latter might be rather messy for automated (e.g. after payment) or bulk status changes).

Yes, sometimes we have petitioners they are notified differently, sometimes we don’t need to send notifications if the registration is done on behalf.

This is a general setting under registration form,