Disable user search function in submitting abstracts

Is it possible to disable the user search function when submitting an abstract via indico? I’m concerned with data privacy as a users can in fact use this search function to figure out the name and email of every user already registered.


You are right, this feature is more targetting instances within corporate/academic environments where having a searchable directory is common anyway.

Unfortunately there is no way to disable it at the moment.

Is there no way at all? Not even by writing a plug-in? Or by disabling the script responsible for providing search results?

Which module/class provides the search functionality?
indico.modules.users.util.build_user_search_query ?
indico.modules.users.util.search_users ?

Thank you very much for your effort!

Sure, a plugin could do some dirty monkeypatching and make the search fail or return zero results unless the user is e.g. an admin.

The user search is handled by indico/legacy/services/implementation/search.py.


Another option would be to simply delete this button:

Where is this button created?

This would not prevent anyone who knows Indico to perform a search. So from a data protection point of view I think this would be very questionable as it obscures the fact that the user list is searchable from your users.

Anyway, you can inspect the button with your browser’s developer tools and then see if you can find a CSS selector targetting it and hide it from a CSS customization.

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