Disable payment status in summary

Dear All,

Have you any idea, how can I disable the payment status (not paid/paid) from the invoice area (on registration summary page)? We have not payment possibility, the Payments is disabled , and as I remember - earlier - its not showed, but I can’t find, where I can configure it, now.
Or, need I uninstall the payment plugin at first? (I’ve tried it, - pip uninstall indico-plugins -, maybe its not enough.
Thanks a lot.

If you don’t want to use payment, you can simply disable the feature in the event (management -> advanced -> features) to disable all payment-related code. No need to uninstall any plugins.

PS: indico-plugins is just the meta package to easily install all the plugins. When uninstalling you’ have to manually uninstall the plugins (pip freeze | grep indico-plugin to see a list of those package names).

Thank you, but I can see it, even if the payment is disabled. This is, what I don’t understand. The reg. state is “completed”, and on the summary page, next to the “Invoice” title, we see the “Not paid” state. Maybe, something is missing, just I dont remember, what.

This sounds like the registration was created while payment was enabled and a price was set. There is no way to move from the “unpaid” state to “complete” without recreating the registration, using “mark as paid”, or using indico shell to manually change the state.

Thank you, we will solve it. Can we configure (somewhere), that thy system don’t send email notification in this case?