Disable gravatar access

Hello experts,
We are using Indico v2.3.5.

I notice that Indico accesss to gravatar site since v2.3.5.
We don’t use gravatar now, so I want to disable to use/access gravatar.

Can we disable it ?
If yes, how can we do ?

First of all, your version is outdated/unsupported and you need to upgrade to v3 (ideally 3.1) as soon as possible!

But your Indico version does not use Gravatar at all, so unless you added something custom, I don’t see why there would be any accesses to Gravatar…

Version 3.0 does have an integration with Gravatar, but it’s done in a privacy-friendly way:

  • all requests to Gravatar go through the Indico server
  • users need to actively switch to Gravatar in order to use it
  • the image is stored on the server, so once selected Gravatar is no longer involved (except during a periodic check if the Gravatar changed in the meantime)

There is no option to completely disable it though.