Designing parallelised conference and panel submissions

Hi Indico team and community!

We organise a heavily parallelised conference (See this year’s schedule Draft Programme EISS 2023_v1.2.2.pdf - Google Drive) and designing the schedule is therefore quite complex on Indico, between Tracks, Sessions, etc.

Another layer of complexity is that we welcome whole-panel submissions. This year we made the mistake (retrospectively) of having people submitting the panel with their papers included, all in one submission. This means that the individual papers do not appear as Contribution.

How would you go about it? Have every individual paper submitted separately and then assigned to a track? Or to a session? That would mean creating one track/session per open panel.

Many thanks for the help and ideas.

I think the main complication is from some difference in terms used in your field and and in typical physics conferences.
From the draft it looks to me like:
panel ↔ session

And yes, if you want to schedule individual papers, then they typical should map to a Contribution. You could possibly add them even without requesting another abstract submission if you have the needed informations (author(s), abstract) available from your ‘whole-panel’ submissions.

Tracks are mainly a helper for initial abstract submission and reviewing and don’t need to map to sessions directly.

PS: it looks like a rather simple setup (only 2 sessions parallel at any time and no splitting in session blocks), we recently had a medium sized conference with up to five sessions parallel, and those split into more than one session block on different days.

Hope this helps a bit.

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Thank you, this helps a lot!