Delete Events by automatic maintenance

Hello, is it possible to extend the automatic maintenance so that events are deleted 30 days after the date of the event ?

Yes it is. You just need to specify a config option in indico.conf which is named CATEGORY_CLEANUP.
From the docs:


This setting specifies categories where events are automatically
deleted a certain amount of days after they have been created.

For each entry, the key is the category id and the value the days
after which an event is deleted.

For example:

    1: 30

would configure indico-celery to remove events older than 30 days from category with id 2.

i thought it just take the date of the creation of the event not the date the event start/end.

But that is how it works. If an event from a specified category has been created e.g. 30 days ago, it will be deleted.

okay but for exabloe that will also delet events which are created 30 days ago but the event itself will start in 2 months later. So i will delete old events by hand then until it get maybe improved in the future in indico.

you could add a custom version of the cleanup task in a plugin and use that instead of the built-in one