Default email language

I wish to have the indico site by default in “French” ( GUI and email traffic )

In indico.conf I have the following defaults:

DEFAULT_TIMEZONE = 'Europe/Zurich’

When not logged in as a indico user, the GUI language seem to be driven by the browser. (that’s okay)

However, how can I force that email traffic is in french ?
Has it been translated ? Am I missing a configuration feature ?

Many thanks for any help on this.

Kind regards,


Unfortunately, right now the emails are not translated. We send them in the original form (english).

Thank you. I did not look into the code so far, however, are these generated/populated using templates I could customize ?

Yes, you can use template customization for most of them.

FWIW, the reason why they are not translated atm is that back then we had no good way of overriding the language temporarily while sending an email (since it should use the recipient’s language, not the sender’s).

I think we could easily change this in a future version, at least for emails that are not customizable (but for the customizable ones we could have a way to select from which language to get the template before customizing it).

Hi. Thank you the clarification.