Debugging Indico remotely from Windows

Guys, I am struggling with setting up a nice dev environment for Indico.

I am a Windows guy, and would like to be able to (remotely?) debug Indico seamlessly.

I successfully installed Indico inside an Ubuntu Server VM, but can’t figure out how to debug the code there (stepping, breakpoints, etc.) from my Windows host. The built-in Flask console is no where near as powerful as I am used to (or perhaps I am missing something, and the “console” can be used for fully fledged debugging?), so it won’t cut it.

Please help!

print is enough in most cases - at least I rarely feel the need for a real debugger with stepping etc.

Anyway, there are various remote-capable debuggers like wdb or the debugger in VS code (its remote editing feature might be really useful for that as well).

I need a fully fledged debugging env, because I plan on building complex plugins for Indico, and ‘print’-bugging won’t be enough.

What do I do on Indico’s side (Ubuntu Server) to enable remote debugging?

with wdb you simply put import wdb; wdb.set_trace() at the place where you want to break

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@10caret100 if you’re on Windows and want to run Indico locally, you can always try using the WSL. I never ran Indico on it, but managed to do it with smaller apps.

:frowning: I feel desperate.

Can I install and run Indico on Ubuntu Desktop, so that I can debug “locally” this way inside Ubuntu?

yes sure, that’s actually what most people in our team do - linux desktop, and running indico locally

Any ready VM (Docker and similar) containers out there that I can pull so that I can save the hours I need to spend installing Indico from scratch on Ubuntu Desktop? Thanks

You do not need a VM or containers on a Linux desktop. Just follow the development setup guide and you’ll have everything ready in a few minutes.

I think I did follow the guide on an Ubuntu Desktop about a month ago, but gave up, cause it was complaining that I was missing some packages or similar. Don’t remember :frowning: Anyone with experience installing Indico on Ubuntu Desktop?

Sure, but even if someone says “yes” to that question it won’t help you with some error you have :wink:

Instead, simply post here when you have an error about a missing library (after trying a quick google search, in many cases searching for the error + ubuntu will find some stackoverflow etc. post about it, where someone already answered what you need to install). Someone here will most likely be able to help you when seeing the error you get.

Ok, will do. Thanks guys!