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Is it possible to fully customize the automated emails that are sent to registrants? For instance, when someone submits a registration form that’s moderated, they get an email saying “Thank you! Your registration for the event has been received. Please notice it’s not complete yet since it’s awaiting manual approval by a manager. You will be notified when that happens.” If I fill in the “Message for pending registrations” field in the form general settings, that adds a second paragraph after the text above.

But is it possible to omit that initial text, so only the custom text is sent? Thanks in advance for your help.

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No, unfortunately it is not possible to customize those emails on the event level.

You could probably use the followoing signal:
and use a plugin to send the email.

I don’t think hooking into the signal is a good idea; that would result in duplicate emails…

If you want to do it for the whole indico server and not just for one event, you could use a template override via customization. The email template is registration_creation_to_registrant.html; use customization debug to get the full path to inherit/override.

Probably you just want to override the registration_header_text block and inherit everything else from the original template. In that particular block you would add your custom message (but don’t forget to keep the conditionals for pending/unpaid messages)

Hi all,
I am happy to see answer to our question, even the answer doesn’t fit our hopes :stuck_out_tongue:

In our University we have 4 common languages, for different public. These notifications are a problem for our users. When it’s an internationnal event, we let it in english, but for local event…

Maybe there should be a solution that doesn’t require a lot of ressources for the dev team :
1 - Withdraw the introducing english text from the template source (select and delete texte)
2 - Pre-filed the “messages” field with the current texts in the “Notifications for registrants” section (add html text in textarea field)
3 - if people want to replace it by their own, they just need to edit the “messages” field (WYSIWYG)

The only big deal are the placeholders (name, event name and event date)
You can withdraw the name because it is repeated later. The event name is already used before in title. Juste add the date field under the title and it’s done (edit html template file).

And the day you have the time to rebuild this indico’s feature, you can improve it we text editor including placeholder (like the mail editor for contacting registrants)

For you that should be a one small step for you, but a giant leap for all non-english users :smiley:

Thanks for reading me !
Eric from Belgium

Can we get an update on this? This seems like a critical feature for software like this :frowning: