Customization of indico instance

Hi All,

I need to customize my indico 3 instance. Is there some info (besides the basics in the documentation) out there, maybe including working examples? I am already struggeling to get the header.html customization (custom/templates/core) done correctly.

Also: concerning authentication, in previous versions it was possible to switch off the creation of local accounts. Is this still possible?

Thanks, Stefan

I think with a specific question on what you are trying to do and what doesn’t work it’d be easier to help you. I’m not aware of public examples for customizations…


Hey @ThiefMaster, thanks for the quick reply.

Header: I would like to change background color (to white) and shift the location of the logo to the right. Ideally, I’d also like to change the menu color (also white), as well as the background and font colors of the location info (“Home/”) and the same for the category info. The footer works. Concerning the errors, I was getting a 500, and wasn’t yet able to sort out what happened.

Local accounts: I use a local account for the admins, but wanted to use shibboleth for the users later on. Can I configure that using “LOCAL_IDENTITIES”? Ideally I’d just like to switch off the creation of new local accounts.

Thanks! Stefan

LOCAL_REGISTRATION is the setting you are looking for :slight_smile:

That should be doable with CSS, no need to edit templates… In case of a 500 error check indico.log for details.

Thanks again.

That should be doable with CSS, no need to edit templates… In case of a 500 error check indico.log for details.

Concerning the CSS: is there any info on which should be edited / where a new file should be placed for my purposes above?


Use the CUSTOMIZATION_DIR for this. Those CSS files are then included after the regular ones.

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Hi Again,

a quick question: when hovering over the menu (“Home”, “Create event”,…) the background changes. I have changed the background of the menu bar according to site preferences. However, I can’t seem to find a setting for the transition. Switching it off (“transition: none”) does not appear to do the trick. Any hints? – never mind there was an “important” in main.scss

Also: how can I exchange the indico logo for the local one and move it to the right? Quite likely due to my lack of knowledge, but can I really achieve this with a CSS?

Cheers! Stefan

You need to customize the header template:
Try the following:
File : /templates/core/header.html

{% extends "~header.html" %}
  {% block logo %}
   <div style="
    font-size: 60px;
    color: white;
    line-height: 1.2em;
">Your site</div>
    <a style="min-height: 60px;" href="{{ url_for_index() }}">
      <img class="header-logo" src="{{ url_for('assets.custom', filename='<your_logo>') }}">
        {% endblock %}

The logo should be placed in /static.

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Just FYI you can also set the LOGO_URL in indico.conf to whatever you want, so as long as you just need a different logo and CSS changes you wouldn’t need a template override at all.

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Hey bpedersen2, thanks for the template. I was actually able to fix it using LOGO_URL, img.header-logo { height: 82px; } and .flexrow.f-j-space-between.f-a-start { flex-direction: row-reverse; margin-left: 48px; margin-right: 96px;} (left the specific numbers in to be more explicit).