Custom CSS for timetable

Hi everyone

I try to add (for every one or for one category it’s not very important) a CSS for timetable. Currently I show Default, Compact Style, Indico Style, Indico Style-inline minutes, Indico-weeks view. I would like to add a item on that list.

Is it possible ? (I’m admin).


Yes, you can do that using a plugin. See for an example.

Thanks. Is this plugins is installed throught pip install something ? Because I don’t find it with pip search. I just go one

indico-plugin-custom-footer (2.0.1) - Indico Footer Customisation Plugin

Should I install this plugin manually ? :grimacing::grimacing:

What I meant is that you need to write your own plugin that exposes your custom themes, and that this particular plugins is an example on how such a plugin looks like.

Ok thanks. Ouch…according to level of my skill in devs I think it’s forbidden for me to do that :wink: :wink: