Creating Zoom meetings from Indico


I was in a CERN post that the provisionning of Zoom meetings through Indico will be available soon at CERN. Is it something that will be usable out of CERN (we also have a Zoom subscription at IJCLab) or is it, like it was for Vydio, something CERN-specific?



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soon = most likely next monday :wink:

The plugin is open source so you could install it on your own instance as well. We’ll probably merge and release it soon after installing it here and testing it a bit more


Salut @jouvin ,
Did you try to use the plugin pointed by @ThiefMaster on your instance?

Hallo @ThiefMaster,
The plugin obviously works with the domain. IIUC, a service account assigns the created meetings to (CERN) users of Zoom. Is it possible to use other zoom accounts? Or do all meeting bookers have to be associated to a single domain of zoom?

We no longer do that since we were running in the 100-meetings-per-day hard rate limit on Zoom when using the assistant feature on zoom.

They need to belong to the same Zoom account (like the CERN account in our case). Domains are not necessarily important, but it depends on the config in the plugin. You cannot mix Zoom accounts though.

(Zoom accounts are what a company creates when signing up for Zoom, not the individual Zoom users - slightly confusing terminology for sure!)

Thanks, that clarifies exactly what I wanted to know.
Can I conclude that in case an Indico instance needs to propose Zoom meetings from different Zoom accounts, we would pragmatically propose “organise a zoom meeting (with cern)”, “organise a zoom meeting (with univ-paris)”, “organisez a zoom meeting (with whatever)” and “organise teams meeting” by adapting and deploying N plugins for each of them respectively?

The host needs to have a Zoom user on the zoom account linked to Indico.

We have no plans to support deplying “n zoom plugins”, but if there’s ever a strong need for people to share multiple Zoom account in Indico we could of course consider allowing to configure multiple JWT credentials and then either trying all of them or distributing users e.g. based on their email to those individual zoom accounts.

Thanks for the offer!
Let’s see how @jouvin gets along with it in IJCLab, but I suppose they benefit from a unique account there.

If there are other indico admins with return from their experience, would be great to hear from them, too. Our own timescale is a couple of months to consider this, so don’t expect fast feedback.


I’m about to look at it. But at IJCLab, like at CERN, we have a dedicated Zoom tenant that should make the things simpler. I’ll post an update when I have made progress.


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As said in Zoom videoconference plugin beta, I managed to install and configure the plugin. The installation documentation is very short… because it is so simple to configure in fact! (may be a more direct link to the Zoom app registration page will help people like me with tired eyes!!!). It was so easy to setup that it is already in production at ICJLab !!

Probably the other point deserving a few lines in the documentation is how an Indico user is matched to a Zoom account. At IJCLab, all Zoom accounts are in the form and this (valid) email is not necessarily the primary email for the users. We decided for the time being to document what a user should do to add this secondary email in order to be able to create Zoom meetings from Indico. We’ll see later if we need to add it by script… currently we are not convinced it is worth the effort.