Creating new category

Hello all,
I just install a fresh new instande of Indico for my school :slight_smile: it sounds great !
Now, I just wanted to add a new category. So, according to the doc, when I’m at the Home place, I should be able to create a new category or a new event. But here, with the first account I created after the installation, I’m just able to create an event. The ‘create category’ option is not displayed …
So, maybe this is ma account that doesnt allow that (but I just created one for the while) or anything else like angage ? (I’m using the french one) …
Any help is welcome :slight_smile:
Thanks to all for your help
Best Regards

Hi, did you already create an event? If yes, you need to select all events in the category and click the “split category” button. This will create the subcategory and move the events in there.

The reason for this is that currently a category can only contain events or subcategories, but not both at the same time.

If you do not have any events yet, make sure to enter category management first (using the pen icon on the indico home page)

Thanks very much for your answer, will Try that tomorrow
Have a good night :slight_smile: