Creating a Plugin for Uploading Review Files

Hello everyone,

I’m interested in creating a plugin that allows reviewers to upload a file containing the paper that they reviewed. This entails adding a form to the paper reviewing section (as depicted in the image below). Each reviewer should be able to upload a file that includes their comments and necessary corrections alongside the reviewed paper. Furthermore, both the paper submitter and the conference management should have the capability to download this file if it has been submitted.

My question is: Is this achievable, and if so, could you kindly provide me some hints or the primary guidelines to accomplish this?

Thank you in advance.

This would be very very tricky as a plugin…

Is that mean I need to modify the review form to add a field for submitting a file?

And all the backend logic for it… and of course you should never add new database schema revisions in the core because this would be a huge pain during upgrades