Create a new Indico profile - field “affiliation” required, is it possible?

I have a question about the “create a new Indico profile” process. What can I do to make the field “affiliation” required, during the create a new Indico profile ? Is there such a possibility in the Indico ver. 2

No, this is currently not possible - after all, people might just put “User”, “n/a”, “-” or similar nonsense there if it was required.

Your best choice is probably to enable moderation and reject account creation requests that do not contain an affiliation…

A dirty way:

change line 91 in file /opt/indico/.venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages/indico/modules/auth/ (assuming production setup)

affiliation = StringField(_('Affiliation'))
affiliation = StringField(_('Affiliation'), [DataRequired()])