Could not send email in indico.log

Hi, I’m getting the following warning in indico.log:

Could not send email

and I don’t recieve any emails. I’m using a G suite account ( and it is working fine with other applications (e.g. wordpress).

I’m pretty sure there’s more in the log than just those 4 words… :wink:

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Here is more from the log:

2020-09-24 21:14:05,713  INFO     192bc9008b4349f1  -       indico.rh                 GET /login/ [IP=] [PID=12377]
2020-09-24 21:14:08,371  INFO     e1c9f6e0a6844eaf  -       indico.rh                 GET /register/ [IP=] [PID=12377]
2020-09-24 21:14:12,639  INFO     f2846c07f3474f65  4       indico.rh                 POST /event/1/manage/abstracts/email-templates/add [IP=] [PID=12377]
2020-09-24 21:14:14,632  INFO     c06e323f88bc4ee5  -       indico.rh                 POST /register/ [IP=] [PID=12377]
2020-09-24 21:14:14,722  WARNING  0000000000000000  -       indico.emails             Could not send email "[Indico] Verify your email" (attempt 1/10); retry in 30s [(421, '4.7.0 Try again later, closing connection.')]
2020-09-24 21:14:15,035  INFO     12ebe60374bf40b2  -       indico.rh                 GET /register/ [IP=] [PID=12377]

This sounds like you got temporarily throttled because you were sending too many emails or had too many other failures (check if there’s anything related in the log file)… Anyway, indico automatically retries for a while so if it’s really just temporary the email should eventually be sent.