Contribution list vc join links

I encountered a layout glitch when displaying vc links in the contribution list.

The join button is offset and appears to be for the next contribution.
I could fix it by

.contribution-row > .vc-toolbar {        float: none !important;    }

in a custom css.

But actually I would prefer to get the button on the title line ( floating left), but I could not find in which template this gets rendered. Any tips?


I found it now: I had to override the template, so I’ll need to fix my local template (I’ll post the result as well).

diff -u indico/modules/events/contributions/templates/display/_contribution_list.html ../../indico-migration/new/custom/templates/core/events/contributions/display/_contribution_list.html 
--- indico/modules/events/contributions/templates/display/_contribution_list.html	2020-10-02 
14:19:56.615580814 +0200
+++ ../../indico- 
migration/new/custom/templates/core/events/contributions/display/_contribution_list.html	2020-11-12 09:42:34.256670852 +0100
@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@
+        {{ template_hook('vc-actions', event=contrib.event, item=contrib) }}
         {% if contrib.speakers -%}
             <div class="speaker-list icon-user" data-searchable="{{ contrib.speakers|lower }}">
                 {{ render_users(contrib.speakers|sort(attribute='display_order_key'),