Contribution list - External ID, Peer review visibility

Hi all,
I’m trying to publish a contribution list for our conference.
There are some requirements that I have to meet:

  1. No visible Reviewing module with exposed unfinished submitted files
  2. DOI identifier visible on site
  3. Publish PDF version of files later on (I guess I can do this through materials in Contribution list)

Ad1. I cannot find a way to remove the Peer reviewing from list of Contributions that is publicly available

Ad2. I wanted to put DOI identifier as a External ID and added
1st external ID Type in Administration:

2nd added External ID to a contribution:

This would generate a link to DOI …but nothing shows up in the contribution listing.
I cannot find documentation regarding this. Can you point me to the right direction? Am I using this correctly?
It would be great if I could automatically add paper ID as a part of DOI link because we have generated DOI-s as{id}

Any info would be helpfull…
I managed to “hide” the Peer revieweing module by creating custom template for contribution_display.html and opting out the part with Paper Peer Reviewing, but now it’s not showing up even if I’m logged in as a reviewer or admin.
It will do for now, but I don’t think it’s the right way. :slight_smile:


Hi, your screenshot shows an accepted paper - so this is not exposing “unfinished submitted files”…

AFAIK we only show custom references on the contribution detail page, but not in the contribution list.

Right now there is no way of doing that…

Also, defining external ID types is global for the whole indico instance. Having something specific to any single event is probably not a good idea - if you change it later, it WILL affect existing events.

What exactly do you mean? You can export contributions as PDF (this does not include attached materials or papers though), but Indico does not have x-to-PDF conversion out of the box.

Hi, yes, this is accepted file in open format (DOC), but not a finished edited version in PDF that we want to publish and display publicly. As I see it we can add this final PDF through Editing module, or in the Presentation materials, but the accepted paper in DOC format is still visible in Contribution view.

So it’s only visible to admins (in the backend)? The only way i can see custom reference is if I open Edit Contribution under Advanced. Maybe it can be displayed in public view if I add some code to contribution_display.html file?

Thanks. I will keep this in mind and make it not event specific.

Sorry, I was not clear enough, but I sorted this out. I have final publish-ready PDFs of all papers and I can add them to Indico through Presentation materials, or through Editing module (a bit more work).

One more question regarding Contribution list. In the list of all published contributions, they are all sorted by Title alphabetically. Is there a way to sort them by ID?

Kind regards,


OK this is a good point. An option to never publish accepted papers when there’s also an editing workflow sounds very reasonable.

I see the problem. We only show it in meeting-like timetables, but not on the conference contribution detail page. Indeed something to fix…

No, I don’t think we have an option to change the order there.

Thanks for your replys. Hope to see these updates in later releases.
Also, one that would be very helpfull but I guess it’s not easy to implement is to have same ID of Contribution as a Submission ID. Contribution is linked to Submission ID, but the URL of Contribution is different.

The displayed abstract and contribution IDs are always the same (and they start with 1 in every event.

However, the ID in the URL is globally unique so it will always increment so it won’t match the displayed one. It’s just an internal database identifier.