Configuring step in tutorials for Ubuntu

I have reached this step

source ./env/bin/activate
pip install -U pip setuptools wheel
cd src
pip install -e '.[dev]'
npm ci

So what should I do next? keep running the command 'indico setup wizard --dev’ or what?
Can you help me?

That’s what the documentation suggests you do do, isn’t it? :wink:

Run the setup wizard, answer its questions, and then continue with the rest of the setup guide.

When i running command: indico setup wizard --dev. it returned an error says: indico: command not found
Did I do something wrong somewhere?

I don’t think I should run the command: ‘pip install indico:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

If indico does not exist, then it means it was not installed or that you are not in the environment where you installed it.

Were there any errors while running pip install -e '.[dev]'? Or did you open a new shell where the venv isn’t activated (you can just re-run source ./env/bin/activate to make sure it’s activated)?

Indeed, you shouldn’t. That would install the released version from PyPI instead of the local one.

When i running pip install -e '.[dev]'
it return

Installing collected packages: indico
  Attempting uninstall: indico
    Found existing installation: indico 3.1.dev0
    Uninstalling indico-3.1.dev0:
      Successfully uninstalled indico-3.1.dev0
  Running develop for indico
Successfully installed indico-3.1.dev0

and i alse activated venv
but whent i running: indico setup wizard --dev
it says:

Indico must not be installed as root.
Please create a user (e.g. `indico`) and run this script again using that user.

That same when i using command: sudo indico setup wizard --dev
it says:

sudo: indico: command not found

exactly what it tells you: you shouldn’t have done this as root…

you need to use a regular user to install indico since running things as root that don’t need root is not secure.

Sorry it’s my fault :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:, Thank you sir, have a good day!!

The guide leads you to create a user “indico”, and indico is installed and run under user “indico”. Try su root then su indico . Better use exact the name “indico” I suppose, as peer certificate may be involved.

No, this is incorrect.

  • The dev guide does not create an indico user; usually you use your regular user account to install stuff you develop on
  • No client certificates are involved, but in a prod setup with a local DB it’s using same-user authentication by default, so using a different user name would require additional postgres configuration.

In any case, none of this applies to the dev setup.

  • Or in other words, the guide created user named “indico” as example, I thought it’s intended to isolate environments (as many software, for example postgres does)
  • Yes, what I mean is that same-user authentication, I think it’s a default (not specially mapped) peer authentication. I didn’t make it clear.

There are two guides. This thread is about the development setup guide: Installation guide (development) — Indico 3.1-dev documentation
The one you have in mind is the production setup guide: Production — Indico 3.0 documentation

oh Yes. I didn’t realize they are different there. I jumped first part of dev thinking it’s same. :upside_down_face: