Conference-participation certificate from indico

In the context of an on-going workshop, various participants ask for a document confirming their participation in the event, and mentioning also their contribution, i.e. the title of their talk or lecture. I wanted to ask if there is a way to produce such document from the indico management area, or a workaround yielding the same.

Thanks, best,

No. We have something pretty flexible to generate PDF documents (such as certificates, invoices, etc.) planned for v3.3, but at least currently I think we have no plans to add placeholders for the person’s contribution(s)…

OK, thanks for the answer.

Just wanted to say that adding such function will be hugely useful for many administrative tasks such as issuing personalized documents, showing e.g. dates of arrival/departure, type of contribution etc. The utility is of course huge for large conferences, for which at the moment one has to either perform the task on an individual basis, or else extract indico data and import them in some way to external software (e.g. latex) that will handle such task automatically.