Components folder not included

I made some changes on RevisionReview.jsx inside indico/modules/events/papers/client/js/components folder. Then try deploy to production by pip install the whl file. But why the components folder not included after installed? Then i try to pip install indico back but still the components folder no longer existed on the indico

how did you build it?

i follow Building — Indico 3.2.9 documentation … making change to src folder then commit it to git… then run ./bin/maintenance/ indico --add-version-suffix. then run pip install indico_file.whl

That should be fine. It looks like we do not include jsx files in the wheel, but since only the compiled bundle matters this should not cause any problems. I guess we only include .js because iirc we have some that are loaded directly, but for JSX that’s of course not the case.

Is it causing any problems for you that the raw JSX source files are not included? At least the source maps are complete so viewing the original JS source via devtools should work fine.

So how can i change reviewer name like this?

I knw i change on translations but i cannot set numbering on it like Reviewer 1, Reviewer 2 and so on. After go thourgh the source code, it seems like i can change it on RevisionReview.jsx. Is there another way?

Not sure I understand. If you made a (proper - you need to test that in your dev environment!) change to the code and built a wheel (and built the assets while doing so), then those changes should work.

Is this about blind reviews btw? If yes keep in mind that just hiding it in the JSX doesn’t mean people can’t technically still get the data using e.g. devtools.