Community Governance and Community Manager Role

The Governance Policy

One of the outcomes of the Workshop we held in Geneva last week was the endorsement, by the community, of a proposal of a Governance Policy for the Project.

While we had the opportunity to discuss many aspects of this proposal during the Workshop itself, we would also like to give a chance to contribute to those members of the community who didn’t manage to join for some reason.

:calendar: The Call for Input for the Governance Policy will remain open until end of April.

You are most welcome to reply to this post with your feedback - we would really love to hear from everyone!

Community Manager Role

One of the roles defined by the Governance Policy is that of a Community Manager. As agreed at the workshop, applications are now open for that particular job.

It’s important to mention that this is not an ad for paid employment nor any official position at CERN or the Indico Project - it’s rather a function which should be fulfilled by existing members of the community who wish to contribute some of their time, in agreement with their employer, to help coordinate the community. This will include:

  • Co-organizing the Indico Workshops;
  • Organizing the yearly community meeting (online);
  • Checking on the progress of the various interest groups across the community (e.g. translations, joint developments…);
  • Being a part of the Consultative Board.

:email: If you believe you would be interested in fulfilling this role, please drop us a message (@pferreir or @ThiefMaster), or an e-mail at indico-team AT

Applications will be accepted until end of April.