(Community) conference w/out call for abstracts?


first time admin of Indico here. We’re testing it for use for a conference which doesn’t need a call for abstracts. Hence my question: Is it possible to run a conference with just a call for papers, where anyone can submit?



no, this is currently not possible. Papers can only be uploaded for accepted abstracts.
But don’t be mislead by the naming. The call for abstracts can also be used for ‘Papers’.

Depending on the workflow you intend, I would probably just run a call for abstracts (and rename it to call for papers, that is easily possible) and ask for a paper upload. You can reduce the abstract to just the title field if wanted.

If you need the full paper workflow with content and/or layout reviewing (possibly multiple iterations here), then you would still need to run a minimal call for abstracts as well.


Thanks, good to know.

I guess we’ll run a mini-CfA then :slightly_smiling_face:.