COMMAND: Indico setup wizard --dev

I seem to have run into a snag during the installation guide.

Everything seemed to work until:

indico setup wizard --dev

There I get the error, indico command not found, is this a common error?
Thanks for your help, not sure what I did wrong.


Sounds like the venv isn’t active. Or were there any errors during the pip install for indico?

The venv is activated, but you’re right about the pip install, I think it may be because of my python version.

When I run the
pip install -e ‘.[dev]’ command, it runs until I get a giant red block of code about my python version.

I am running python 3.10 right now, should I downgrade?

Currently only Python 3.9 is supported; simply use pyenv to install the latest 3.9.x version.

FWIW we will probably add support for 3.10 in v3.2 or v3.3 (I know for sure that one or two of our dependencies were not yet compatible with 3.10 a few months ago, maybe that changed in the meantime).

I’m kind of a noob, I’m on ubuntu, how do I use pyenv to downgrade my python version?

See GitHub - pyenv/pyenv-installer: This tool is used to install `pyenv` and friends. on how to install pyenv; then you can simply use pyenv install 3.9.x to install that python version and pyenv local 3.9.x to enable it for a given folder (e.g. ~/dev/indico).

Gracias friend =) <3