Clone from Templates

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I’ve tried a lot but couldn’t find a good solution. In our environment we have the requirement to offer event-template so that event managers can easily create events from a given base without doing everything from scratch. Is there an simple way to have some (2-3) event-templates for conferences an event manager can clone without having the possibility to change anything in these templates?

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No, out of the box this is not possible. With a custom plugin this would be doable though…

In fact we have something (roughly) similar to what you want to do for our i18n demo instance, where next to every event there’s a clone button: indico-plugins-cern/i18n_demo/indico_i18n_demo/ at master · indico/indico-plugins-cern · GitHub

In a plugin for your usecase, you’d of course need to make sure that only the few template events can be cloned (e.g. based on the category where the event is) and that you have event creation permissions in your category where you want to create the event.