Clean offline copy files


Does the periodic tasks “static_sites_cleanup” use to clean offline copy zip files in indico 3.0? The default config of this task is <crontab: 30 3 monday * * (m/h/d/dM/MY)>. I found the zip files are not clean in my Indico. If it is not, which tack is used for clean offline copy zip files ?

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Nobody answer the question ?

Yes, that task is used for it. Is celery running? How old are those zip files that aren’t being deleted?

indico-celery is running. The zip files are created on 2nd, 3rd March.
ls -l /opt/indico/archive/event/15537/static/
-rw-r-----. 1 indico apache 72921185 Mar 2 14:47
-rw-r-----. 1 indico apache 72921388 Mar 3 10:07

I thought the files should be deleted on 7th March as this date is Monday. The files are still there.

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the task only deletes files older than a month…