Clarifications about assigning reviewers to abstracts

Hi all

I would like to clarify a bit how Indico (v2.2.8) works in relation to reviewing abstracts. We are running a conference where there will be extended abstracts used as the basis for accepting speakers. There will not be ‘full papers’ – only abstracts, uploaded in PDF format.

We would like to have particular people invited to review specific submitted abstracts? Is there any way I can do that?

It seems that the review process implemented for abstracts is not the same as the review process implemented for papers. Is that right? This was not something that appeared clearly in the documentation, and is a little bit confusing.

An additional issue is that if I would like to assign someone to be a reviewer for our abstracts, can I limit them to only seeing a subset of the abstracts, specifically the ones I have asked them to review?

Finally, how can I add a new person as a reviewer to the system? If I create a new user, it seems to typically cause problems such as “no local account” when they try to log in. What is the correct way to create a user, assign them a review, and then for them to receive an email with instructions. Is there any such process implemented? What approach is recommended?


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The review process for abstracts is more lightweight than the paper process. Reviewers are set per track and can see all abstracts submitted in the track.

Hi Björn

Is it possible to have a conference where one immediately has a ‘call for papers’ without a ‘call for abstracts’? This way one can directly progress to the more comprehensive review process…?


No, because the “call for papers” (we actually renamed it to “paper peer reviewing” in 2.3 to be less confusing) requires existing contributions, and the only way to let people submit proposals for contributions is using the “call for abstracts” workflow (abstracts become contributions once accepted)

In that case, can I ask whether it would be possible in future to have some feature to allow conveners to assign (invite) reviewers to abstracts, and not just full papers? The process for ‘onboading’ reviewers seems to be currently a little bit unwieldy.