Check-In App infomation

Is it possible to set more information about each participant in the check-in app, like arrival and departure dates, hotel booking, etc.?
We only can see the check-in date, the registration date and the email address.

Hi Barbara,

That’s currently not possible, however we’re in the process of modernizing the app
so we’d be very happy if you could give us feedback about what additional features
you’d like to see in the new version :slight_smile:


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Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your quick reply. This sounds great!
Since we have workshops and programms with minumum one week stays, we would need arrival and departure dates, name of accommodation and participant type.
A free field for comments would be great.
Maybe the best would be, if every event manager could set his own information in the app, which is related to the registration form of each event.
The possibility of a wallet format would be a good option as well in the future.