Changing the picture of the room booking system


we have indico 2.2 and I’d like to change the very first picture seen when clicking ‘room booking’.
I searched for it, but could not find anything.

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you would have to search for globe.png. This is the image we use in the RB landing page. In order to use a custom one you would have to put your file in the same directory where globe.png is and the modify a set of CSS rules (search for rb-splash-background in the styles/palette.scss file).


As a better solution to this I would recommend using the Indico customization (

In order to change the landing page image create a CSS file with the following rule in the customization folder.

#rb-app-container .landing-wrapper > .ui.grid::before {
    background-image: url(/static/custom/files/customsplashimage.png);